Home sweet home!



4 thoughts on “Home sweet home!

  1. bonnielynnh schreef:

    What a beautiful piece to welcome guests! I especially like the script in the background of some of the boxes, it adds charm!

    • adutchcurlygirl schreef:

      Thank you Bonnie!

      In the Netherlands we have this website with lots and lots of ideas: http://www.welke.nl

      I found some really nice materials in a local store and couldn’t resist…. 😉

      Are you OK?

      • bonnielynnh schreef:

        Hi Cindy, I am doing well! That site is similar to our Canadian/American Pinterest http://pinterest.com. I can easily lose an hour in there! It’s nice to hear from you again, hope everything is well with you and yours

      • adutchcurlygirl schreef:

        Hi Bonnie, yes we are fine, thank you!

        We had a wonderful summer holiday (we went to Wales, Great Britain and really enjoyed the beautiful nature over there)!

        The last couple of weeks I’m a bit restless, I think it’s because of my father who died a year ago (all memories of him fighting this horrible disease come back now, so it sometimes helps to loose myself in creating new things….).

        I recognize what you say about Pinterest…. Time really flies when you’re having fun! 😉

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