More myboshi

I’m not feeling very good (beginning of a flu….?!?), so I’m sitting on our couch (a cup of tea nearby and under a warm blanket)… watching YouTube videos on crochet. Yesterday I finished the Myboshi of our youngest and directly went on with another one for my eldest daughter.









Today it’s my turn: a saw this video about a basketweave beanie and I’m giving it a try (although it’s a bit difficult to keep concentrated with a headache….:(

And done….:




3 thoughts on “More myboshi

  1. bonnielynnh schreef:

    Hope you are feeling better! I can see why your girls like their colourful hats, I Love that basketweave beanie!

    • adutchcurlygirl schreef:

      Thanks Bonnie!

      I had to pay a lot of attention in the beginning of the video…., but suddenly I got ‘the hang of it’…. 😉

      Now my mother asked me to explain the basics to her, so she can crochet a cushion cover in the waeve-style!

      Enjoy your day! How’s the weather over there? Here in Holland autumn just started (wind and rain….).

  2. bonnielynnh schreef:

    Hi Cindy! September is my favorite time of year. It is fall here in Saskatchewan which is harvest time for the farmers. Lately the days have been warm (20+) with a wind which the farmers like as they can keep combining. My sister farms so I haven’t seen too much of her! The leaves all change color now and the evenings are crisp. Frost will be soon!

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