I just opened this Instagram-account (@a_dutch_curly_girl) for a new challenge I’m starting today: 365 days of little luck. I want to give all the creative flows inside my head a boost. Lately I’ve put a lot of time in crochet. I wont put it aside…, but want to direct my focus back to other things that give me energy. In the past it also made me very happy to create with paper and f.e. fabrics. So let’s hope, that I’ll be ‘re-energized’ again! 😉

My first idea was to make a flower garland, as a gift for a fellow-crocheter! She has a big tree, filled with small crochet presents. The obvious thing to do would be taking my hook and yarn again, but I wanted something else. That’s why I came up with these thin paper flowers.


All you need is a stapler and some ribbon or yarn (and of course a bunch of flowers!).


Just put them together and see if it works…. I’m feeling happy already! 😃



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