A sunny day in November! ☀️

This year was a really sunny and warm one in the Netherlands…, and although it’s November already, we are still lucky! Enjoy your day! IMG_8967.JPG


Finishing a project

When a started crochet a while ago I noticed, that it’s difficult to stick to one project at a time…. 😁
There’s so much to find at blogs, websites and special forums like Ravelry….; it’s really easy to get lost in all the patterns, CAL’s and enthousiasme of other crochet lovers!


With all our technology, we almost forget how nice it is to receive some real mail in the mailbox…. I love receiving letters or postcards and always order new ones from ‘Kinderpostzegels Nederland’! Last year I was totally excited with the ‘buurman & buurman’ cards; this year I wanted the ‘Paul Frank’ set. They were delivered today! 😃IMG_8876.JPG

Let’s bring some colour in your life!

A few months ago I discovered an amazing colouring book for adults…., ‘Secret Garden’ from the talented Johanna Basford.

Although this book is not made of watercolour paper I decided to use my Derwent Inktense pencils with just a little bit of water (this is something you should try once in a lifetime…, the colours get so vibrant because they ‘hide’ a little bit of ink).

When I start colouring it gives me peace and all thoughts in my head dissappear, because I need to focus on my colouring. IMG_8859.JPG