5 after 1 buy…. ;-)

I got so excited after seeing both videos from Kristina and Jennifer. Especially the ‘tiles’-idea got my creative mind running….! I couldn’t fall asleep and thought of other ways to use a little square punch (a bit like the Jennifer ‘rule’: 5 before I buy 1). This morning I went shopping right a way… :-). This first card is inspired by the one Kristina made yesterday (I liked the strip with fake tiles so much!).


What also came to mind, especially with a little size square, was making embelisshments the way Jennifer did earlier this week. I made ‘scrabble’ letters… 🙂 (and used the punch and white paper to give the letters some height….)


I furthermore wanted to use the square punch to create a kind of ‘puzzle’ effect and a mosaic.




The 5th idea was to use the little squares as sparkling embelisshments on a card.


I used a scrap bundle of 5 different papers and was surprised that the cards became so different. I really enjoyed the creative proces of collecting ideas, materials and techniques.